Played open, every time I took off someone blew me up. Why? Does Frontier encourage this behavior?

I grinded (surprise!) for a while and finally got my vette set up, but it needed Engineering. First stop – Farseer! I park there, but it got late IRL so went to sleep and picked up where I left off yesterday.

Completed my engineering, listed all components I was missing, and proceed to take off. Only as soon as I did, a player called hugh_muny_bean blows me up. I pay the insurance and respawn at Farseer. I rant on chat, and he says it makes him laugh and he won't pay me back the money. Fine, a broken kid – it happens, nothing I can do about it. Anyways those 2 other players tell me – don't worry, team up with us and we'll protect you. So I do, I take off, and those 2 players blow me up as soon as I do (acowforallseasons and another guy, didn't write down his name).

This gave me a real sense of Open being toxic and mean. I'm going to file a complaint with Frontier to see if they support this type of gameplay or will they take real measures against those players (ban, suspend their account, zero out all their balances, …)

Would like to hear your opinion though before I do. Is Elite Dangerous really that toxic? Should I just lose hope and quite the game altogether?


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