Player scavs on customs are the most unsportsmanlike people ever.

I tried many maps while scaving, each one has it's greedy idiots, reserve has the least imo. But the player scavs on customs are on another level. First of all, you usually spawn with 13-10 minutes left and you don't have much time to loot and scoot so you try to run for it, either dorms or the stashes. But 3 times out of 4, when another player scav sees you remotely close to a stash or inside one of the dorms he shoots you on sight. Most of the time both of us end up dying so why bother? oven when there are still a couple of minutes left they still insist to kill you. I get it, stash runs are very profitable but you need to let other people have their fair share too. When I see a scav looting a stash I leave them and look for another one. When I find a good piece of armor I but it in my backpack even if I don't have anything on me , just so I don't get targeted. I really don't want to shoot players on sight because I have a karma I wanna maintain. I lost many gpus and high tier armor due to this. Whoever does this, please stop, we both lose in this scenario.


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