Player scavs spawning in as early as 3 mins into raid is not fun for PMCS.

I understand that the majority of the player base is completely broke so scavs are the #1 way to get money back.. and I understand the scav queue is absolutely disgustingly long because of all the people playing scavs.

Regardless of the backlog of scav traffic the solution should not be to spawn in to a match almost as early as PMC operators.

Right now on interchange player scavs spawn inside the mall faster than PMCs can reach it, its insane.

And honestly if there were only 15 player scavs allowed for the entire duration of a raid I wouldn't even mind, hell that might even be fun but right now you just mow down an endless army of player scavs and as soon as 1 dies another one connects.

Interchange raids are basically whack a mole. You can't bring in enough ammo to deal with it. Let's assume you win all your fire fights. Raid starts, you get into the first fight with your close spawn – PMC, takes about 2 minutes to finish it up. Use your pathetic early wipe stamina to get into the mall, fight your second PMC fight close to the entrance or just inside, this one usually takes longer because of spawn convergence so you might end up fighting 2 groups of PMCS here — 5-10 mins. Now every corridor of the mall is infested with player scavs that have nothing to lose. You're overweight from looting your kills and player scavs start flocking to where the fight was. You kill the first group, heal, check them for anything useful but its all garbage ammo and single use band-aids.

You press on towards tech spawns or power and meet player scav after player scav along the way. You finally manage to reach center mall after killing 3-5 PMCS, 4 player scavs and 5 AI scavs. You're desperately low on AMMO and your meds have dried up. All the loot in the center of the mall is gone — scavs hoovered all that up so you sigh and resign yourself to extracting. Maybe 20 mins have elapsed in raid.

You head to one of the two extracts since the rat at power station already took the jeep and the rat trash you took off the player scavs is what you need to fund your next operation so backpackless is off the menu and you hear constant pot shots going off at Emercom.

You try waiting them out so you can pick off the winner of whatever extract camping extravaganza is going on but as you hold tight in your garage the other 10 player scavs from all over the map are also drawn towards the fight. You fight a battle on two fronts (the extract campers and the flood of player scavs coming from center mall to you) and manage to get out with your last bullet.

You have no meds, your legs are blacked out, you're running scav ammo from a scav shotgun you found, you frauded your gun and you're extracting with 19 scav kill and 3-5 PMC kills. For all your efforts you're award 2 hoses, 7 light bulbs, 5 wires, 1 can of fuel an MP-155 and a FAL thats empty on ammo.

What a raid you think to yourself but realistically that 20 player scavs kill you somewhere along the way — usually during the 2nd PMC engagement and you left the raid bitter because they risked nothing and you actually brought kit in.

TL;DR: Player scavs shouldn't be able to load in until at LEAST 20 mins has elapsed in raid -OR- give us a SET amount of player scavs so when they're all dead you don't have to worry about more connecting endlessly.


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  • Yo 07.01.2022 in 05:14

    I just killed a player scav 15, seconds after my pmc spawned in. I know it was a player scav because he jumped, then went prone. Probably a new player. Anyways, thought I’d share.

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