Playing Again after over 2-Years Away…Overwhelmed!

The last time I played was August 2019. I logged almost 1,400 hours before then. I have most ships and maxed out all relevant engineers & have all the top tech (G5, etc.). I have $1.924-mil in credits and $4.872-mil in overall assets.

I thought I'd try playing again, grind credits and try out Fleet Carriers. However, OMG, I feel overwhelmed. I can't remember how everything works in this game. I play with Dual Thrustmaster joysticks and also a Thrustmaster Throttle. The controls are starting to come back to me but just remembering all the other gameplay mechanics and minutia, how to swap out gear, and for what reasons, setting their priorities in the systems panel, how to navigate to places, how to do the different missions, combat, mining in different ways, using limpets, etc…I feel like I've never played this game before and here I am with expensive ships and high ranks…I don't know where to start to begin relearning how to pay again without getting destroyed by some pirates or something.

What are the best credit grinds lately? I used to do Robigo passenger runs back in the day with a specialized Python I have parked over there. The guides I found online are all outdated…exactly one a year ago mining platinum seemed to be the best grind according to this:

I'm nervous to go mining because I forget how to fight well and am worried pirates will get me.

Has anyone else relearned this game after "mastering" it years prior? Any advice on what to do to get my brain to remember it all? I'm starting to wonder if it's worth it to even try…it just seems so overwhelming now…


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