Playing insurgency sandstorm before drastically improves my performance in Tarkov

No I’m not trying to promote insurgency or anything but hear me out.

When I get into a raid without playing insurgency my aim is off and my raids go wrong. But whenever I play insurgency my aim in tarkov is on point and I Come on on top of pvp.

Here are the reasons

I play domination in insurgency as You respawn. (Think of your run in the mill domination in cod)

Insurgency is very similiar to tarkov in some ways

Time to kill and die is very fast.

The feeling of aiming and moving are also very similiar

Recoil is very unforgiving in insurgency, this especially helps if you have a high recoil control skill in tarkov as you go into tarkov gotten used to insurgency’s difficult recoil.

Since you are forced into a pvp match with constant respawns you warm up really fast

Try it for yourselves if you have the game. Play a couple of matches and I gurantee that you will have a much easier time in Tarkov. I’m not saying that insurgency is a harder game tham tarkov bıt the non stop action of the game definetely passes onto Tarkov.


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