Playing solo with mostly stacks has ruined the game for me

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I'm not saying the game is bad- the game is great just like it's always been.
The issue is primarily getting matched nearly every-signle-game with stacks of 2-4.
The reason being is that in an all random match, if you get a toxic teammate you can mute him and move on. In a game where everyone but you is in a party- if you get flamed by one you get flamed by all. Nobody has a chill switch and everything you do is wrong regardless of the state of the match.
Additionally, stacks are way less willing to strategize, cooperate or rebound from a tilting early game in my games lately.

I know what many of you are thinking, "But me and my friends never do that! We're super PMA!" I believe you, I do. However, I bet you can say to yourself that you know you are not in the majority of stacks. I'm not referring to you, keep doing what you're doing. You're great.

However, Toxic 2,3,4 stacks has made up more than a fair share of my games lately and it's making it so that I don't want to invest my time and money into this game anymore. I feel like I'm being punished for making an effort at this point. And that's not good matchmaking imo. I actually don't even mind the losses that come with this stuff. It's more the toxic communications.

And before you say, "Just mute everyone and play your game." Here's the thing, I want to play the game normally. I want to be able to laugh about a weird play or if I mess up a button press or something. That's what makes matchmaking fun versus just playing with bots.

But idk what to do guys. I genuinely am not having fun anymore. I work 80 hour weeks and I just want to unwind, play some unranked and win some lose some. But when every game is either being flamed or being totally ignored by a stack of 4 until the ancient falls- I don't even want to play.

Thanks for hearing me out. I think I just needed to vent a little bit.


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