Playing Syndicate for the first time (LP)

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So, until yesterday, I had never played SY. I always disliked the Coin mechanic deeply. However, after reading so many comments here and there about how SY is so fun to play and whatnot, I decided to start crafting a deck. Since Lined Pockets is the most popular and viable right now, I decided to go for that. However, I am feeling rather disappointed with it. Not because it isn't viable or that it doesn't win games, but because it's somewhat inconsistent and very boring to play.

The gameplan is almost completely draw dependent and the whole thing is a bit hit or miss. You play mostly control, but consistently dealing damage to enemy units relies mainly on Freakshow and Drill, since Bloody Good Friends can't kill units. Ideally, you want to use Freakshow in round 1 or 2 and Drill in round 3, but it is rather easy to miss the cards when you need them.

It's also absolutely bizarre that Drill is basically the win condition for round 3. If you manage to get a decent set-up for it, that single 7p card can basically whipe the opponent's entire board. But, if you don't draw it (or Bank), you will most likely just lose the game.

Overall, it just seems to be very weird to me. I was expencting to have some fun with it, but I just find it weird to play. Is anyone else feeling like this? Are there any other more fun SY decks y'all would recommend? Or should I just keep trying to optimize my strategies with the deck I already have?


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