Playing this game solo has brought it back to my fun games

Walheim - five bosses

TLDR: Husband's former asshole of a friend ruined the game for me, but playing solo brought it back to the fun side.
I played this game several months back with some of my husband's friends and enjoyed the aspect of helping gathering resources and just being a helpful hand in general for whatever. What really killed the vibe was when one of the friends positioned himself as the "leader" and he'd be a real asshole. I.e. when everyone is loading into the crypt and there's a blob, he'd die before anyone else has loaded in and start yelling at us "Why didn't you shoot at the blob?" "Why tf weren't you guys there already?" "If you guys were gonna take your time loading in I would've fuckin waited", etc. If I went off to go gather rocks or wood and used a cart he'd be upset that I took it cuz "I wreck everything I touch and carts use up a lot of resources." To be fair…I only ALMOST wrecked one cart cuz I was ran into a group of greylings on my way back to base and they swarmed the cart. So not totally my fault, I was being careful, but I was swarmed and alone so…yeah.
But now that I'm playing solo I realize how much bullshit this dude was spouting about resources and how long it takes to recover losses. Granted, there were 3 of us, but if I'm able to recover my loss with a quick run into the Black Forest, then we could've done it a lot easier with the 3 of us. I felt like we used so many irl days just resource gathering to make what he wanted vs actually exploring, enjoying the game, etc.
I'd be down to play multiplayer again, but I'm a stay-at-home wife of 2, so hours of gameplay are chaotic and unreliable and I don't like leaving people hanging cuz of what's going on in my life.


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