[PlayStation] Tartan Spartan Freelancer Group – Squadron Recruiting

CMDR's o7

We have a squadron of ~120 Playstation Pilots covering EU/NA


We're looking for players of all levels, backgrounds and play styles.


We offer

• Trade Support

• Combat Support

• Exploration

• Group Grinds (Materials, Missions etc)


We have several carriers that take regular trips out to the black and support the squadron in its activities, Rackhams Peak, Colonia, Sag A etc.


We have our own minor faction, so if you want to help expand and conquer, great. If not. That's fine. Our whole ethos of "Freelancer" is you are free to do as you wish, but do it with some company and camaraderie


We have just completed our first expansion into a new star system, working on taking control of the system and stations. We are pending to expand into a third system, so for those who love to get involved with this sort of stuff, we have plenty of content!





Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p7j2ip/playstation_tartan_spartan_freelancer_group/

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