Please buff Deathsquito’s and Yagluth- Finished game

I recently finished Valheim; I played the whole game in Troll gear as a personal choice no idea why but up until the planned siege on Yagluth that's all I wore and after defeating him with padded and a black steel sword it left me very disappointed.

Buff Deathsquito's and Yagluth (perhaps all bosses), I agree Deathsquito's are terrifying, however in troll gear they're not instant death, and very easy to dispatch of with a simple shield/1 hand, or bow and single wooden arrow.

After I killed Yagluth I felt I should have stayed in the Troll gear because the new gear caused Deathsquito's to hit for nothing and made me question all the negative comments on their terror. Yag was no threat at all, he was hitting for less or equal than to a deathsquito with padded on. (Just remembering we had the bonemass buff as well for 5 minutes.

It is possible I overly prepared my team of 4, including myself; We had the best food, medium stamina potions, health potions, fire potions, tasty mead, and all of us wore Plains Tier gear padded and black swords, except 1 member who had a tier 4 Silver Sword. We might have been supposed to face him earlier, and might have if he wasn't the final boss.

Long story short, Yagluth was less of a threat than a Deathsquito in Troll Hide.

PS: More 2 star enemies the further out from the center of the map.


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