Please guys Focus on your own mistakes

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I am a low mmr Player… setting with 1.5k mmr I climbed 400 points the last 2 weeks and I am proud of it.

Since I again dived deeper in dota2 I realized I am in this low mmr because I am bad …. and all my teammates are bad too …. but here is the point…. all my enemies are noobs like me and my team. And there is one game I have the lc with zero duel damage after 26 minutes. In the next game the enemy team got a Lina mid who don't know how to use euls stun combo.

Guys please focus on your own gameplay and team play this will help yourself and the community of Dota

I am by far not the holy dota player I can be a toxic asshole too but I try to change that. For example I had a game where I picked sky because my off laner picked lc and he didn't go with me as we were lvl 6 and I was furious… why do you farm in the jungle when you have duel and I have mystic flare ?!?!?!?
Yes he should ping his ult and stay with the team but after the lost game I realized…. God damn why didn't I buy some smokes to to lc and smoke gank with him in a warded location ….. with that I could show him I am a support player and I am willing to win …

Think about it calm minds make better decisions….

Yes there are stupid assholes but did you ever die because you didn't pay attention to the minimal because you flamed oder had to watch your hated player how he fails again?

Think about it … I still hope that I don't have to mute at least one player ever 2 games… it's a teamgame the team with plays better together will win 9 out of 10 games … at least in my low elo area.


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