Please help me get this cheater off my server

I've been playing night time reserve solo on orlando servers for about a week or so now (farming money for red keycard) and I've died to the same hacker 5 times now. I've reported him every single time, I'm asking for anyone and everyone to go play nighttime reserve on the orlando servers with very minimal gear just so you can die to this fucking loser and report him.

I understand I can't post his name but trust me you will know it when you see him. He never brings good gear, often times just a stock weapon of his choosing. If you really are going to go looking for him I suggest hanging around marked room in black pawn, school, queen, d-2 power, and d-2 extract.

This guy is such a sad pathetic excuse for a cheater that he ONLY plays nighttime reserve on the most dead server that he has the best ping on and on top of that he actually extract camps d-2. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm losing my fucking mind dying to this guy over and over. Yes I know I can switch servers and escape this low life forever but I rather keep running into him and reporting him until I don't see him anymore. And so I've condemned myself to that server, to that map, at that time until this vermin is exterminated. Please help me

TLDR: Cheater plays on Orlando servers on Reserve at night ONLY. He extract camps as well. If you're bored go play on that exact config and die to him and report him. Thanks.


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