Please help me theory-craft a new elf/ spell ST deck

witcher triss merigold gwint

So my idea is to setup a big Dol Blathana whisperer for a very short round 3. The ideal gameplan would be scenario round 1 so you can win the round and have the tempo necessary to play orbs of insight, either from hand or with Simlas, and the deer spell too. So you played 3 special cards meaning the next one you play will proc all your carryover (procing the first special you played which then triggers the next one etc…). So now you should win round 1 with the elf swarm package Aeliren, Isengrim and Yeavinn. Then you bleed round two, still without playing special.

But now comes the real deal, round 3 you play call of the forest on whisperer, the whisperer is on the board and call procs all the carryover, meaning you get the deer, and 2 orbs. That's a 10pts whisperer (3*3 +1 from call), 3 from the deer and 8 from orbs that's 21 pts on 4 bodies, next turn you play all your deadeye ambush leader, 3 other elves and play simlas on 2 talismans, first talisman is 8 pts, procs the whisperer so the next one is 9pts and procs the whisperer, you played a 2 (Simlas) +8 +9 +6(whisperer) + 9 (leader )= 34pts turn. Final turn you play a finisher (oak, triss on telekinesis, something else).

What do you think, is there anyway a deck like this could work ? It seems sooo conditionnal and I'm not sure this is the best way to play the new cards tbh… But I had fun thinking of this combo so at least there is that

Edit : fixed math, also you should probably play a leader charge first turn of R3 so that both orbs don't target the dear


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