Please keep your personal matters out of games please.

So something that has been an increasing thing regardless if I host a match or join one. Is the repeated instance of people bringing personal matters into chats in the game.

People arguing with their boyfriend/girlfriend or their friends or siblings over various things and calling meetings to continue arguing with them. And because you can't kick people outside of the hub area where people join a match the host can't do anything to remove them from the round.

Chats in games in general are not an acceptable or good place to do this as you are having personal conversations, very personal in some cases but out of respect for the individuals I won't get into details, in a public space.

Please deal with the issues you have with one another outside the game. Otherwise you are forcing people who do not know you into your affairs and if the person your arguing with has no idea its you until you make it clear who you are, you will be making things worse.

I know I'd be angry at a friend or person I'm dating if they came onto a game I was in (Because in a lot of these cases its someone the two people arguing in game knows and thought they were helping by giving the game code of the room to talk to them) and started arguing with me and using my real name (REALLY not cool) in chat in front of a bunch of random people. Because its like an argument that breaks out in a public street.

Its inappropriate, immature and embarrassing for the other party.

Keep your personal matters out of games.


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