Podcast Summary

Total Summary (from what I caught and was able to understand) (I will update this as people provide additional information or corrections)

  • Wipe is not planned. In general. Not in the coming weeks. It is not on BSG’s schedule at all.

Current 12.11 things he has confirmed.

  • 12.11 is hoped to be here by early June. Could be later.
  • – – There will be a TarkovTV podcast near release.
  • Factory Expansion
  • – 1 More PMC spawn (could be increased to 2 if it feels right)
  • – Factory Boss
  • – – Boss's Sledgehammer will NOT be lootable.
  • Scav Karma
  • Fence Reputation
  • – Getting Scav karma up improves Fence Reputation
  • – – Higher Levels of Fence Rep will mean you can purchase "Uninsured Gear" that was lost from Fence. This will include gear people lost in Labs.
  • Weapon Durability Expanded (Weapons will wear out faster and miss-fires are added and will start to happen now.)
  • Player Inertia won't be in 12.11
  • Bullet Penetration through objects.
  • – – Should be able to properly penetrate doors/cars/fences/etc.
  • Sights Updated. (Sights shouldn't be broken anymore.)
  • Several new guns planned to be added in the patch. “A lot” is the number Nikita said.

Non 12.11 Information.

Game is still on Unity 2018. They are moving to Unity 2019 very soon.

  • Not changing to Unity 2021 because they want to use stable version of Unity. And 2021 is still experimental. (DLSS is in the works)

Lighting Update will come with the Unity 2019 Change, including full interactive lights (Able to shoot them out)

  • Interchange Daytime lighting will be going back to where it was before the change. Nights might be getting darker though.

  • Shoreline Lighting also be able to shot out.

Lighthouse is planned for a "Summer" release (Still planned to release before Streets)

Servers are continuously being updated. Currently with individual servers being replaced with new hardware on an almost weekly basis, and more server locations planned. 200+ servers have already been replaced/updated to handle the requirements of the game.

  • Still limited by availability.


  • Not 12.11, but still planned.

  • Unity 2019 is even more stable than 2018 and more optimized as an engine, which could lead to server improvements.

"Offline Co-op" is difficult because it means you aren't offline anymore, and being able to do "offline" co-op means you now need an online server to connect to one another.

  • Easily at least 1 year out, if not even longer.

Labs Free Weekend is coming and will be finalized in the next couple weeks. Expect it soon.

  • They are also working on other types of events that aren’t just online events like Twitch Rivals or Punisher Tournaments. Things that can include more of the community/playerbase.

Global Accessible Server(s) will be heavily considered. (1-2 servers that have no ping cap to let people from across from the world play with one another.)

New Streamer Items being Added (Expands Kappa quest)

  • AquaFPS (Plushie)

  • General Sam (Rat Collar)

  • Evasion

    • And more.

Under-barrel grenade launcher’s are finished and in testing.

  • Nikita asked for Pestily to do a poll on whether the GL-40 should be removed from the game.

    • – “Yes” won by a MASSIVE margin.
    • – – Nikita said they aren’t going to remove anything they have finished. But he will look more closely at the balance of them.

    Revolvers are currently planned for patch 12.12.

They tested automatic shotguns, in all circumstances they felt too powerful and are not planned to be added to the game.

  • AA-12 is not planned to be added to the game.

Arena is being worked on separately. It won’t be part of a specific patch or anything and will have it’s own standalone release

  • Not this year.

More and different smoke grenades have been modeled and will be added.

  • Poison Smoke Grenades are also planned, but there are other changes that are higher on the priority list.

  • Things like Poison Grenades are currently on the “Finalized Features” list. In terms of they will be one of the last things added because they are a result of other features being finished.

Battlestate Games has increased it’s staff by 30% in the past year and has seen growth throughout the pandemic.

  • Art Department is in office, everyone else is Remote. Art Department is in office due to need for collaborative effort. (Primary focus right now is Streets, since Lighthouse is being finalized)

Streets of Tarkov

    • They want to release it in 2021. (Whether that happens is another story, but they want to hit that goal)
    • 40 players (60 entities total – players, scavs, bosses)
    • Not all of Streets will be released at the same time. They will release chunks at a time.

Extract Camping

  • Nikita doesn’t like it. (Joked about banning them.)

  • There is no completely preventing them. It is a legit tactic. The reality of the “unfairness” of the extract camping is something they want to keep in the game.

  • The strategy to dealing with them is to add more extracts to give players options.

Raid Series

  • No Season 2 Planned.

    • Has a different company that is interested in publishing a larger scale production.
  • BSG not interested right now.

  • Wants to finish the game.

I probably missed some things, but it's a good bit of what was said.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nbrdo9/podcast_summary/

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