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I will begin by saying i have played dota for around 8 years and am around 3k. I know, not great but it is what it is.

In recent weeks i have noticed that i seem to perform better with heroes that push waves from out of vision E.G. Underlord (my best hero for sure), treant, and enigma. The idea hit me about a week ago of the common element between these heroes. Split pushing from out of vision. Underlord q, treant q, enigma edilons and e.

If the enemy doesn't know where you are, you can be anywhere. Use the spells on the waves without showing in lane, sure you get a few less last hits but its worth it. The pressure you apply while still being able to tp across the map without the enemy seeing it done is invaluable.

There are other heroes that fit this category. Viper, weaver, Beast master, veno to name a few. So what does the community think about this idea? Am I on the right track of thought or am I thinking about it wrong?

Edit: for clarity, the theory is that pushing waves from out of vision is better than showing in lane and pushing for reasons listed above. Rebuttals to this idea being a viable reason to play certain heroes in a certain way are appreciated. Looking to discuss the viability of this playstyle

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mc8ido/pos_3_gameplay_theory/

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