Pos 4 players, please stop treating this role as “I’m finally free of any responsibility in the game, because this role implies it”.

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Perhaps that's only happening in the lower ranks, tell me please if this isn't the case. I've just got about 10 loses almost in a row , and mostly it was due to unlucky team(mostly either pos 4 ,or pos 5). More than 50% of the games – pos 4 players picking Tinker,Sniper,Mirana,Invoker etc. and spending their time as a farm prioritized hero. For example:

  1. farming damage items. As if they have time to deal it.( Mostly they just don't). Instead of prioritizing: amplifying cores' DPS, improving their survivability, providing them what they lack, they are doing other stuff.
  2. farming in safe places. Our warded triangle, our side of the map. Not letting the cores to farm there. As I understood ,they think:" one more carry wouldn't be excess" ,but mostly, I haven't noticed a realization, what price do you usually pay for "pos 4 carry". As far as I know, when your position is 2-5 your farm must be in respectively higher risk places(So exclusions I suppose)
  3. playing passively . They rearly make any move beyond the river. Not even talking about sneaky solo smoke deep ward.
  4. they don't even consider the draft. Okay, some players have great impact with all there Cheesy 4s, but for example if there is already oracle, they r picking tinker pos 4, and supports have no control. That's deffinetly echoing back at some stage of the game.
  5. they are the most inclined players to project laziness on the game. For example: why always on lower ranks pos 4 players fp pudge? I think it's because they just don't want to do work. They want the income of their actions depend on 1 button. They don't want to confront an enemy, to battle with him, to think over micro decisive moments, they just want to "Chill". An here ,I think, is depicted a general thought model of quite big group of players. IMO, Dota isn't a game to chill, but yes it's a game to have fun. But fun in Dota is aquired through activity.

…Thus, the game just collapses for the team they are in.

I'm not an expert, but, pos 4 players please watch some Saksa gameplay. He reaaaally knows the position very well. Even I can tell. He is perhaps the MVP of OG TI quals. He was so efficient there.

Maybe I'm wrong, don't know.

Thank you for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pcn9q6/pos_4_players_please_stop_treating_this_role_as/

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