Pos4 Mana Battery Tinker Guide

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The concept of this build is pretty simple. Spam free damage in lane, farm with Laser, refill your teams mana and buff your cores.

Starting Items

Tangos, Salve, Obs&Sent, 2x Sage's Mask

Skill Build

W,Q,W,Q,Q,R,Q then max E


Greaves, Solar Crest, Aghs


Ward behind the enemy tower so you can snipe kills, clarity and salve. With 2 Mask's you can spam Missile off CD (try and hit 2 heroes as often as possible). Use Laser to stop their carry from attacking you or your core, or to stop them from getting a last hit. If you use Laser a lot you will need to buy mana.

Once you hit 6, TP around the map and push waves with Laser to farm your Greaves. Once you have Greaves you are now a Mana Battery for you team. You can TP to lane and Rearm+Greaves to fill their mana for no cost.

Upgrade one Mask to a Solar Crest and spam E+Solar Crest on your Cores to make them have +50% status resistance, 320 damage block, +6 armor, +10 move speed, +50 attack speed.

Buy Aghs to greatly increase your damage output in fights. If the game is still going buy defensive items like Glimmer, Lotus, and Eblade.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/p91ud1/pos4_mana_battery_tinker_guide/

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