Position 4 in ranked, is it flexible or not? Griefing?

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Position 4, support. Is it a flex pick that can mean semi core, roamer, greedy utility items?

Something like lina or gleipnir hoodwink.

Backstory, I really win a lot when I go greedier pos 4 in legends bracket, there is so much dead money that none in the team will ever get…I never went anything really crazy like radiance or deso, just gleipnir for more CC or travels when the enemy split pushes a lot and the dead farm in lanes is not being used. Travels espcially makes some players really upset, like its a divine rapier or something.

Anyhow I got one game of low priority after a month of doing this sometimes, I never destroyed items / followed players or slacked on detection/wards, and always gave farm priority to cores.

I didn't expect to get punished for playing my way that had what I feelt was a positive impact in my games.

So what's your opinion, against the rules or no?

TBH I find the idea of regulating what items and how much farm u can take stupid, if someone is doing poorly with their decisions they will just lose MMR.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ollbe8/position_4_in_ranked_is_it_flexible_or_not/

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