Positive game feedback to help fix Tarkov imbalances.

Some ideas I have come up with shortly after 12.10 patch and reflecting on the current game state.
This is meant to make the profit aking pie be split more evenly where its about 60-70% ingame playing raids, 15-20% BitCoin farm, and 15-20% barter, crafts, whatever else. There are various money sinks at each level of playing (beginner, mid-game, late-game).
1. No movement speed, turn speed, or ergo penalties for Class 3 and below armors and helmets. Its only used at levels 1-10 at the start so penalties are going to needlessly bog people down when they're not long term investments. This will help beginner players.

  1. All pistols and shotguns are available at Level 1 Traders. Most people don't use them at the high octane competitive level of PvP but you want stuff to help beginner players not resort to hachet runs, so having cheaply purchased pistols and shotguns can at least help out in that regard.

  2. BitCoins can only be sold to Traders and the selling price is hard capped at 80k roubles. This helps keep inflation far away.

  3. Graphics cards have a 21 day lifespan before its no longer usable.

(4a). Graphics card number 1, 11, 21, 31, and 41 increases the number of Bitcoins by 1 for a maximum of 5. BitCoin 1 increases BitCoin gained from 0 to 1, the 11th bumps that up to 2, etc and the 50th graphics card gives you the max of 5. Regardless of whatever cap you're at, you get the given amount every 24 hours. This will be helpful to slow the rush to endgame even more.

(4b). Each graphics card will give an additional chance at another BitCoin (1 card give you a 1% at getting a 2nd BitCoin and the 10th card gie s a 10% for that 1 BitCoin to get a 2nd one. This applies for each time you increase the BitCOin cap by one, meaning that at 50 graphics cards you will get 5 BitCoins and each of those will have an individual 10% chance to spawn a 2nd individual BitCoin, its just that consecutively winning at a small 10% chance for all five times is extremely unlikely.

  1. Crafts at each Level 3 station will require one BitCoin each time, so its a money sink for players at any level of play, even late game. Helps keep the economy in check.

  2. Class 3 and below armors will not be insurable. This is similar to point number 1 above. It does something positive by helping new players get the perma-loss mechanic experience each time they play to help them get accustomed to it which is a good thing.

  3. Additionally, one random item will be chosen to not be insurable. This happens during the insurance screen and is a randomizer to keep raids interesting even into late game playing.

  4. Remove ammo and class 6 armors and helmets from the Flea market to increase rarity and value. Being only able to get ammo from Traders, bartering, or finding in a raid can help cut down on the overflow of end-game ammo that can be spammed so easily by a few button clicks in Flea market. The same is true for Class 6 gear, those should be rare and really seen as valuable, not easily acquirable so if they're removed from Flea market, that will help.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mk2m9b/positive_game_feedback_to_help_fix_tarkov/

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