Possible insight into how Fuel Rats dispatching works?

As the title suggests I was wondering how Fuel Rats (Hull Seals too I suppose) dispatching and response planning works and was hoping someone in the know would answer. I posted here because I thought it might be of general interest.

I have a second account now that is just a deep explorer and was thinking of joining but I was wondering how dispatching works.

Is it purely just seeing who is closest to the ship and and seeing if they want to go and then moving on down a list to find someone willing?

Do you have people pre-positioned out in the galaxy?

Do you use the DSSA fleet carrier network to station people in quadrants based off these?

Or do you have your own wide-area fleet carrier network by now?

Do you with any frequency have to tell people "I have no one near you that can reach you in any decent amount of time"?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/l7bbg2/possible_insight_into_how_fuel_rats_dispatching/

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