Possible “invisible guy” cheat on Reserve?

I will start right off saying that unfortunately i don't record my sessions so i don't have video proof, but of course i experienced it just a few minutes ago and i share it:

I was on reserve on a normal/quiet raid, i was on the Black Knight building checking for some keys and loot, when i'm going downstairs from the top floor to the 1st floor, i check the open window to the right of the stairs.

OUT OF NOWHERE, THE BATHROOM DOOR OPENS, I go inside the room just to make sure there wasn't any player hidden in there, the room was empty…… then, when i'm about to leave the bathroom, i received damage!! It was melee damage (at least judging by the lack of gunfire sound), didn't hurt me much, but that's when things got really strange and i decided to run for my life and managed to extract without any more trouble.

Has anyone experienced this recently on Reserve? I hope it was a simple glitch and not a new annoying cheat out there.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/g06jmd/possible_invisible_guy_cheat_on_reserve/

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