Possible to have a stock or additional Dota Plus feature to make notes on players?

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Basically as said in tittle…

If possiblen when the game starts up I'd like to see a prior note (that oneself would leave in a previous game), indicating characteristics of a specific player. The note itself would be left at the end of the game, for future game usage.

I realize sometimes it's just best to mute and forget, but for example:

  If you have a Brood spammer I'd like to have that noted from a previous game and then if I queued agaisnt said person again I could see that and try to ban it immediately. 

  Or, an enemy player who tilted easy? Maybe throw a little extra chat wheels or tips out there, or maybe a little less (depending on the type of person you are).

  Or, someone who was really nice and put in effort to communicate (especially for those days I just don't feel like talking on comms).

Anyways just a thought. Would be nice to see as a stock feature, or something added to dotaplus.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ooa29t/possible_to_have_a_stock_or_additional_dota_plus/

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