Post patch bugs (shitpost)

I haven't played the new patch yet, but I'm compiling a list of bugs based on years of playing previous patches and understanding where the spaghetti code usually seems to get tangled up. There are 100% going to be bugs in the following areas:

– Level 3 water collector does not work correctly

– The insurance system either does not work or display correctly

– Moving, buying, or selling items causes an error that crashes the game

– Scavs gained a new super power (teleportation, invisibility, or ninja silence)

– Player spawns on either Customs or Labs are fucked

– Some spots where loot is supposed to be have no loot

– Some spots where loot isn't supposed to be have a ton of loot

– Grenades do a thing they aren't supposed to do

– Walls don't work

– Ceilings and floors don't work

-Audio doesn't exist

-Audio exists

– Fire

– Post raid healing leeches life from your next player scav to fund Therapist's insatiable thirst for power

I'm gonna go install the patch and see how well I did.


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