Post your best incognito fits for passing as a scav while running PMC

As a rat-for-life, I have recently been enjoying running PMC kits that look like scavs. This has been useful for my habit of running quests in the last 15 minutes of a map where PMCs have extracted and player scavs are running around rampant. This started when I found a corpse on reserve and dumped my headset+helmet for a plague mask. This does bring me some shame to admit, but I popped two scavs who ran up to me hitting F1. In the past when this happened, I was caught by surprise and shot before I realized that it was player scavs who thought I was one of them.

Some tips:

  • Don't run armbands! I realized this from a recent post on this sub. Credit to anon.
  • Goofy masks and headgear are key, although you risk giving up survivability especially when an AI scav IDs you.
  • Running strange guns seems to help, especially the shotgun (rat gun par excellence).
  • It's almost necessary to have unlocked Ragman's alternate outfits. I'm a weak-ass level 19, but switching off the default USEC stuff makes a big difference.

Unrelated sidenote: as someone who plays a ton of scav, there really needs to be some way to identify PMCs easily. If AI scavs can immediately tell you're a PMC, player scavs should similarly be able to tell without having to run up and wiggle.

See mine for example:


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