POV: how changes affect someone who was almost done with the hideout

I just hit level 30 and was ready to finish off my rest space and water collector to 3. I was excited to take a break from constantly spending everything on my hideout so I could finally start saving for more GPUs and have some money coming in to actually run some decent raids. I planned on solar and later stations over the next month or so.

So this morning I installed my generator and workbench and now it conveniently tells me that I need a ratchet. Bad surprise but whatever, I'll get a ratchet somehow but then I realized that now the scav case will need 3 moonshine and the solar went up to 75,000 euros (9.6 million rubles) on top of the 8-10 million rubles for the mats!

I understand trying to slow down bitcoin income overall but it seems to me that all this is doing mid wipe is giving a huge tax break to the rich. It is suddenly much more demanding to be able to compete and will take us more casual players much longer (weeks to months) to compete with players already sitting on 50 mil+ rubles.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mi6kbh/pov_how_changes_affect_someone_who_was_almost/

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