Power vs Provision Curve

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Hello Reddit!

I'd like to show you the result of a short collab with some of the top Gwent players.

There is a common concept of 'Power vs Provision' curve, which tells for how many points does a N-provision card play on average. Based on the shape of the curve it is possible to distinguish weak cards (lying below curve) as well as overpowered ones.

I wanted to make the curve a real point of reference. Therefore 6 meta decklists from 6 different factions were splitted with respect to card provisions and the effective value of each card was evaluated based on players experience. I was joined by Redrame from Team Aretuza, Pajabol from TLG as well as my teamates Iluxa, Andi and Danirai. Everyone assessed cards power in an independent way. Troublesome cards like tutors or deck manipulation tools were omitted and v9.0 Gwent patch was considered. You could find all detailed ratings here.

The final 'Power vs Provision' curve is presented below.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/onp68s/power_vs_provision_curve/

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