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So i have just played a game :MO Carapace vs Spell Elf. It was cool. My opponent lost round 1 and i decided to bleed him round 2. He committed Alzur, Francesca and Simlas. I saved all my win conditions and bled 3/4 of his win condition, so i should win right? No. He beat me by more than 10 points with Sorceress of Dol Blathana, Gord and a bunch of spell (i ran out of control cards). I mean, sure my opponent played very well, but how the f*ck did a bronze engine outpointed Haunt, a high end prov card.

So that got me thinking. Isn't some cards released in PoP a little too strong?

Spell Elf for example, was not even an archetype before the expansion, then they released some support cards and the archetype becomes meta, mainly thanks to the 50+ points bronze package. Imagine being an old archetype with tons of support losing to a new archetype with expansion support.

The same can be said for Relict. Not even an archetype before, receive expansion support and then straight up beats old archetypes with old support. Out of the 8 cards released, Relicts only used like 5 cards to become broken

Also let's not forget the 11 for 6 bronze, yes in a literal sense bronze win condition.

To be fair though, powercreep in Gwent is not an actual problem. The game is very F2P. You can always craft newly released cards without having to pay anything extra.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/pwxce0/powercreep_issue/

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