Pre-start advice request

OK. So, before I buy anything, I thought I’d seek out advice from the experts here. But first, a little background.

I played the original Elite on the Acorn Electron in my teenage years, and it has long held its position of my favourite game.

These days, however, I do very little ‘real’ gaming. My main gaming is on the AppleTV, just nonsense racing games and the like. I haven’t gone deep in a game since my WoW days.

I’m an Apple user. Firmly in that ecosystem. Flames off please, I doubt you can change my mind on that score.

I plan to play Elite Dangerous. The only question remaining is exactly where/how.

What I’ve been considering is buying a PS5 and adding a VR capability, playing Elite: Dangerous on that.

To my mind, E:D is a great case for VR – sitting in one place in a virtual cockpit where head turning and button pressing are the main physical interactions.

Also, I live a reasonably full life – I work a 50 hour week and write outside that. However, I live alone and my free time is mine to do with what I will. With that in mind, will I be able to play in a satisfying way if I’m only playing a handful of hours a week?

Any and all input will be appreciated. In advance, thanks.

Edit to add: As it seems that E:D+PS+VR isn’t a thing, what would people recommend: PS and No VR or PC+VR?

If PC, what’s a decent set of specs to make the VR enjoyable?


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