Pre Wipe Event Ideas (An Open Discussion Leading Up To The Inevitable)

Howdy guys! I'm not someone who necessarily frequents Reddit let alone this subreddit, but I do see no recent posts have been made about this topic so it might be worth discussing here. With the wipe coming relatively soon, brainstorming some event ideas for the pre wipe may actually help generate usable ideas for the coming weeks. Mine is such:

The Boss Bash

An Event in which the many bosses of Tarkov seem to scour the landscapes like their scav brethren did. Each boss, with respective applicable posses in tow, will become the new face of AI opposition.

Optionally, the bosses may fight each other, and if the fighting would be too frequent, pairing Team Scav of Reshala and Killa versus Team Raider of Gluhar and Shturman would be the compromise for maximized chaotic fun.

Thank you for hearing out my proposal, please do share your ideas I would like for this to engender conversation so we can achieve optimum pre wipe lunacy.


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