pre wotw had best meta

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

in my opinion this was the golden days of gwent. let's look at all the competitive deck we had.

sy: congregate, passiflora

mo: mostly haunt dw, but very flexible with many variations (viy killed all of those decks, nowdays if you play deathwish you can only use viy)

st: symbiosis, precision strike, deadeye and even maybe harmony (?)

sk: warriors, battle trance

nr: sw, commandos, revenant

ng: they were on a weaker side, thats true, but enslave (5) was still strong

i'm sure someone will say, well you can play all those decks now but let's be honest. 90% of pro ladder is eist and lined pocket with occasional viy and nr witchers. meta is pretty much cut in half. before we had at least 2 viable deck per factions (except ng) and now we have just 1.


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