Prediction on the future of pro dota

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With the AniMajor over, just wanted to raise some interesting trends in professional dota that may happen over the next few years.

With player numbers diminishing in major regions like China, Europe and NA, it can be seen that there's not many new pub stars coming out of those regions – even the ones that are rising now have generally been around in the scene for years. However, in regions like SEA, SA & CIS (not sure about this one but I believe dota's still quite hot there), dota is still quite popular and has a reasonably large following.

With this in mind, until these regions develop their own e-sports infrastructure, a lot of their players will migrate and be poached by the larger regions (EU/NA/CN). You can already see this happening with SEA players, and, to a lesser extent SA and CIS players. Going forward, as the old guards of the major regions gradually retire, this trend of poaching from lesser developed regions will be more noticeable.

This is not really a good or bad thing for the scene as a whole, just a trend that I can see pro dota moving towards in the future and wanted to foster some discussion on.


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