Premium journey and time commitment requirement

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Hello Gwentle people!

I got excited about the Triss journey and bought the pass on an impulse yesterday. Then today, as I was playing I started to consider how much Gwent I will have to actually play to achieve full value from the journey, and I was a little surprised.

We need 100 levels, each level taking 24 crown pieces to reach, so we need 2400 crown pieces.

There are 12 weeks with 3 standard and premium journey quests on each path pr. week, adding up to 72 quests that give 20 crown pieces each for a total of 1440 crown pieces.

That means that as a player who buys the journey, we need to collect 960 pieces through normal play, and we have 90 days to do so. That's about 10.67 pieces required per day. With the 14 daily bonus pieces and an average win rate of 50% that means 3 to 4 games every day for those 90 days. If a game has an average length of 15 minutes, that's 45 to 60 minutes of play every single day for all 90 days, or a total of 67,5 to 90 hours.

IMHO, that's a pretty big commitment to get full value from a product you buy. If there are days you can't play, then you'll get less bonus crown pieces and the required time investment goes up.

What do you guys think? Is it reasonable? Should it be higher? Lower?


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