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Today the Brazilian Save the World community has lost one of its biggest content creators, we all know how creating STW content is already complicated, imagine in a smaller community, which is Brazil.

Unfortunately, "Dr. Don" as he is known, died of Diabetes, in which, without treatment, he left his blood acid and ended up with his organs, and in the end, his heart could not take it.

I'm here, to show you the beautiful community that he created, in Discord, almost 7 thousand members, where hundreds of people, every day, talked, made friends and played our beloved game, and Dr. Don, always participated and interacted, being humble and respectful, since no one knew who he was behind a Discord profile.

His mascot, in what we call "Donzinho", diminutive for his nickname, pointed with a thumbs up and always happy. The members then created varied versions of their mascot, without receiving anything in return, just to show their affection for the Don.

Here a small demonstration, of the amount of creation, of only one of the more than thousands of members.

Our community would like to be able to always keep and remember what it has done for us.
Thank you Dr. Don. F

Channel YT:

Forgiveness for mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.


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