Pretty sure scavs can see additional loot that PMCs can’t?

Maybe this isn't news to anyone, but I've noticed throughout several wipes that even when you scav into a raid late (under 20 minutes left), it's still possible to find extremely high-value loot in high-traffic spawns.

I just found a Tetriz, a Virtex, and a CPU while scavving in the Reserve King building, which rarely goes unlooted, as y'all have probably experienced too. Two weeks ago, I found an AESA sitting in plain sight in the same room.

My guess is that the scav look works such that it's invisible to PMCs until a scav picks it up; when it enters the scav's inventory, it's now "in the game world" and can be picked up by a PMC if they kill that scav, but otherwise the loot remains only in "scav vision."

This would make a lot of sense from a programming perspective, because scav raids would rarely be profitable or worthwhile if there weren't additional loot, but knowing for sure whether the system works this way would be helpful for looting.

What do y'all think? Have you ever suspected something like this?


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