Preventing Cheaters from accessing raids, playerdriven AC?

There is a thought i had i would like to discuss or at least just talk about, i really would like to know if this idea that i had is 100% garbage or might be the start of a working system against cheaters in Escape from Tarkov.
I am really interested in what the playerbase thinks about it, so please share your thoughts and maybe try to explain why you like it or hate it. Thanks anyway 🙂

Problem is cheaters are inraid with Players and maybe get banned after multiple raids without something that is able to prevent them doing their shit.

The thought i had was:

What if they had less chance to load into a raid at all?
For example because they got filtered out of the Raidpool or the main Matchmakingpool.
Filter isn't specifed in general, it could be something that is easy and fast to bypass like a script or just any software solution. OR what i think could maybe be a better solution, some kind of a trustfullness system that would be very annoying in the beginning but might solve or at least hold back the cheatersituation in general.

For example: While matchmaking all players can see all from matchmaking servers matched players for this raid. Maybe all or just some of there stats are visible for the other Players, everybody has the ability for let's say 30 seconds to mark the for the actual raid matched PMCs as suspect or "guaranteed legit"
There could be also different levels of it like "obvious", "unrealistic" etc.

The use of this marks could be very helpful.
for example:
suspicous player gets at least one mark as "suspect"
and after the raid this player recieves multiple reporttags as "cheater". He will not have the ability to join the following matched raids he is in EXCEPT, and that is the part were it might gets to bad explained and raw, he recieves enough "guaranteed legit" marks from players that got matched with him.

EDIT: of course there are some requirements that come with a "legit" mark if the suspicous player gets "too many" reports again his account needs proof by for example BSG.

(That is all very raw and more a play with thoughts.)

Do not take it to serious but please share your thoughts about this example and/or the main idea to cut down the amount of cheaters ingame faster and on a playerbase driven system than relying on a software based solution.


PS: I know it is a mess of text. I'll reread it tomorrow and correct it. sorry for now


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