Price and Availability Changes to KS-23 Star Rounds

The Star flashbang ammo for the KS-23 has been reduced to just 3 shells per Prapor restock and the price has been raised to 1568 roubles per shot, making it the most expensive ammo in the game from a trader right now (possibly with the exception of m995) and certainly the lowest per restock availability of all the ammo sold by traders.

I think this is continuing recognition from the devs that this particular round is a problem, and last I heard additional changes are planned as well as the addition of sun glasses that will reduce the flash effect in some way. How do you all feel about the price and availability change though? It feels like a rather imprecise way of "nerfing" the Star round, seeing as that you can continue to just stock up on it and it's still way cheaper than flash bangs (especially considering most people report regularly getting the KS-23 back through insurance because it's so big and doesn't vendor for much).


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