Probably gonna quit the game since this last update

Well , I's been fun playing this game , but I will quit after this upsate , mainly because of the FiR change. This effectivly made it soo I have to rat in bushes and wait for the end of a raid to get out with quest items. I am not the best at shooters and tarkov is no exception , with all the insta-deaths from the one place I didn't look and people with better gear or god-like accuracy I literally can't fight anybody and expect to win. Doing quests was one of the most fun things about this game and now all the "find this item in raid" quests have become nearly impossible or very grindy , while I sit there with half an inventory of unsellabe items because therapist only pays 750 for them. At least I am glad I only got standard edition.
And before you start calling me a casual or pussy , yes , I am a casual , and that is why I quit. You can have your hardcore realistic game with your 40% survival rate and level 30 , I am not about that.
All and all , I wish this game the best and may come back to it if things change , but for now , It's been real , but I'm out.


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