Problem with flea market fee increase

This new fee increase doesn't help with rmt, and instead removes any reason/enjoyment from finding rare items.

The biggest problem is that the base value of rare items is too low. For example: dorms marked key, according to the game, worth only 27k rubles; green keycard worth only 80k; and so on. While people can no longer sell cheap common garbage for unreasonably high amount of money, you can't sell extremely rare and valuable items on the market as well. Because game decides that dorms key worth almost nothing, cheaters can easily trade it for a pack of nails, or some other low value garbage. At the mean time you, as a legit player, can't buy or sell dorms marked key because of the fee.

A simple fix is to increase in game value for those items. Dorms marked should cost 100 times more of it's own price rn, 2.7 mil. Green should be 8 mil, and so on. This will eliminate big part of rmt, because now people won't be able to trade garbage without magnificent fee. And for legit players it would again be fun, exciting and rewarding to find rare items, like taigas, keys, keycards.


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