Proposed Valheim PVP Team Ruleset

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Greetings fellow Valheim players. Some friends and I beat the game in PvE mode so came up with a ruleset for Team PVP. We are playing with 4v4 but it should work in any fair combination.


The Sacred Server is controlled by the HOST who will launch and keep a server open only when all team members are present. There is currently no way to vefify this so the host is under the gamers' code of honor not to be a piece of shit. Teams should be even but this can be negotiated when starting the game (for instance, one team may have newer or weaker players participating).

Players start with fresh characters and all spawn in at the same time on the Core Island (the island where the initial player start exists) and at that time build one chest near the Starting area. Every Player now activated PVP and joins their respective Discord Servers.

Once this is done, All Player gather in the circle and when the host holds up his hands the game is on. Teams cannot build a covered workbench in the Core Island for the duration of the game, it is considered holy ground. Teams cannot engage in battle until they settle on a new island. This must be only crossable by a raft and rivers DO NOT COUNT!

Winning the Game

The first team to hang the head of Yagluth in the starting area will be the victor!

Let us know what you think about it. We've been having a blast but anything can get better with iteration!


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