Proposition: new player class

We all know the two types of players as Chad and Rat. However, if you have played trios with some friends, you will discover that there are, in fact, three types of players. The differences are most visible when the different classes are in conflict. The differences are:

The Chad: Has a “do or die” mentality, for every firefight. Always stays and provokes combat when presented with the opportunity. Feels immense regret if someone died in a gunfight and they are forced to run away if they were unable to hide said person’s insured items.

The Rat: probably the smartest combatant on the team. When presented with combat, almost never pushes, and instead waits for a beneficial opportunity. Will not engage if the odds aren’t in their favor, and will sometimes run away

The Goblin: sucks at combat. Runs away from everything. Blocks doorways. If you die next to them, they will take your loot. Somehow rich. Doesn’t exit camp because they aren’t good enough at shooting.


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