[PSA] If you want to liven up your gameplay add some “enemy spawners” around your base… here’s how! (list here with some more details on best practices)


Yes game events and just all-around PVE elements of the game are already pretty darn robust, but I'm sure many of you would like a bit more challenge once you have exhausted just about every PVE element out there.

So, why not set up some enemy spawns around your base to keep things interesting?

"Spawners" are invisible areas that, as the name would suggest, spawn various enemies. As far as I can tell they spawn daily, though I haven't tested the timing extensively.

There are spawners for many NPC's in the game, but not all as far as I can find (eg. I don't believe there are Wolves spawner codes), correct me if I'm wrong.

Heck, you could create a 'tower defense' type area and set up spawners all-around to test your metal…

Here's how it's done…

Step 1: Enable cheats (temporarily)

Press F5 and type "imacheater" to enable 'cheats' (you can type the same after you set up spawners to disable cheats).

Step 2: Select proper locations for "spawners" around your base – CAUTION as far as I know this can not be undone so read my notes below…

Below you'll find a list of spawners for different NPC's but here are a few observations based on fooling around for a few hours with them…

  • Keep NPC spawns that are naturally aggressive against each other a decent distance from each other, otherwise, they'll simply fight each other to the death. E.G. Trolls are aggressive against most everything, so having them spawn close to, say, skeletons will result in trolls simply beating the crap out of them as soon as they spawn. If you're not sure the wiki for each NPC has details on what they're aggressive to.
  • Have them spawn a decent way away from your base, but not too far… at about 3 longboats away from a base the NPC's will take some time to get within agro distance of your base, too close and they instantly agro and it's just a constant onslaught… too far and yea, they may never make it to your base.
  • I did not test this, but come to think of it I would imagine building a workbench very close to where you set the spawn would likely disable it (not sure).
  • Start with a few before you commit to a lot of spawns… 20 greyling spawns is likely not going to cause too much trouble, but 4 troll spawns will likely get annoying quickly.
  • When you first type the command below NOTHING might happen, some spawns take longer than others to propagate… so look for the note in the upper left of your screen to see if you typed it correctly (it will say "missing" if you have a typo). REPEATING THE COMMAND WILL SET UP MULTIPLES OF THE SPAWN.
  • Invisible spawners & visible spawners (bone piles and body piles) are different, invisible ones can not be destroyed – visible ones can… use invisible if you want to keep it going for a long time.
  • As far as I can tell the star level is random, and likely based on your server settings / # of players.

Step 3: Spawn Enemy Spawners (case sensitive – add "spawn " before each).

e.g. Press F5 and type: "spawn Spawner_BlobElite" — Case sensitive to set up an area where blobs will spawn. ((NOTE: You can also add any number (under 10 rec) after the name to set the number of enemies that spawn at any one time)).

So… "spawn Spawner_BlobElite" will set the area near you to spawn ONE blob every so often (daily?). And "spawn Spawner_BlobElite 10" will set a spawn near you for TEN blobs to spawn.

Here's a list of spawners… // with some notes

BonePileSpawner // can be destroyed










Spawner_DraugrPile // can be destroyed


Spawner_Fish4 // put above a teammates bed for a good time




Spawner_GoblinBrute // careful lol



Spawner_Greydwarf_Elite // brutes


Spawner_GreydwarfNest // can be destroyed

Spawner_Hatchling // pretty sure these are drakes

Spawner_imp // the dudes that throw fire at you



Spawner_Location_Elite // I'm not 100% sure what this one does



Spawner_Skeleton // one generic skeleton


Spawner_Skeleton_poison // rancid remains


Spawner_StoneGolem // recommend avoiding



Have fun! Report back with your findings if you put this into motion, I'm curious what others find that works well.

Any notes or suggestions will be added as folks comment

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mb0pug/psa_if_you_want_to_liven_up_your_gameplay_add/

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