Public Lobbies Appreciation Post

Just want to see if people ever have positive experiences on public lobbies?

I just left a public lobby I was in for about 3-4 hours (left because core group was tired). I have had many similar experiences of having fun playing in the public lobbies for long periods of time.

I see too many people complaining about public lobbies with little to no praise for them and it's usually their own fault that they have bad experiences.

If you join a lobby and see 3x speed and 5x crew vision with 10s cooldown, just leave? You probably won't find the perfect lobby on your first go, but if you scout out a few you can usually find one with good settings, which means that there is usually at least 2-3 decent players in the mix. 2-3 doesn't sound like much but usually even streamer lobbies won't always have 4-5 great players.

And if you put the effort in to find and cultivate a good lobby (host bans cheaters, stops people arguing over unimportant stuff etc), then either new good people join and then stay, or the people who stayed learn more and become better. Usually, the more people stay over from round to round, the better the experience becomes in the lobby.

What do you guys think? Do you ever get lucky with a good lobby?


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