Punisher pt. 6 discussion and advice

So close to my epsilon!! Anyone out there have some advice on how they got this one done? I've seen a could builds with SVD's that I think should do well (semi focus on ergo with a 1x/6x scope and silencer). Considering interchange and customs. I've been on shoreline a lot but I would hate to camp the entrance/exit points to resort and I don't feel like fighting inside with an SVD (bringing two kitted guns would probably wreck my bankroll).

I haven't done almost anything on reserve yet.

I also still need to kill 4 scavs in woods without meds so I could go rumble around woods for a few raids. I also feel pretty comfortable with night vision.

Last note. Normally I'm not apposed to going with an expensive loadout to complete a quest but I'm really trying to save up 10-15 mil rubles so if I can get into a good rythem on this quest without a 400k+ loadout that would be best case scenario.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i1ahmf/punisher_pt_6_discussion_and_advice/

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