PVE Mamba Assassination Build

As the title states I'm working on a Mamba build intended for high-level assassination missions. I've got all the engineers unlocked, I've got my Core, Optional and Utilities all G5 engineered. The part I'm looking for help on are the hardpoints. I've got a fair number of Power Play modules, including Pacifers, which I feel would be great to use in those Class 3 slots. The problem there however is shot speed. The popular Frag Mamba gets problematic with Pacifiers because the Large shots would land before any utilities from the small frags.

So, any advice here? Should I give up on the Pacifiers and just go with regular Frags? Is something like this https://s.orbis.zone/glq0 (Pacifiers with small, fixed Cannons using Force Shell to get the shot speed down to match the Pacifiers) worth considering? Other build ideas are welcome, though I generally like to stay to one Fire Group so the mix of weapons should be compatible with that.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pz9cdl/pve_mamba_assassination_build/

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