Question about Ship Interiors

First of all, I understand completely how monumental of a task adding ship interiors would be. Especially because I imagine that as the developers Frontier Developments would possibly want to add interiors for all ships that are greatly detailed and meet expectations in the same update, on top of that the sheer size of many of the ships in the game. I'm paitent when it comes to game developement, especially with a game that has the scope Elite Dangerous has.

With that 'disclaimer' out of the way, onto my question.

When kind of time frame can we expect for them being implemented? Short (1-2 years) Medium (3-5 years) Long (5+ years)? I'm brand new to the game and already am excited for the possiblites this game offers.

The question is mostly directed at any devs that may read this post, but others welcome to offer your opinion. I've put vauge time frames as "short" "medium" "long" so as not to put too much pressure on the answer of the question, and I also have no idea what priorites the devs have. I really want to see a game like this grow and improve, and being able to walk around the ships in the game would be spectacular considering the size of many of the ships.



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