Question about state of things in a multiplayer.

Hello guys. I've been playing Elite dangerous for a 5 days now and I already spent 44 hours in it. I feel like I will play for 3000 more. I even think about buying Odyssey DLC although my PC is very weak for it. But that's not the point. I am in love with how this game looks and how it feels and I love it's combat. But all 44 hours that I've played already was in solo mode. I'm just afraid that trolls and gankers could easily destroy me and ruin my day in any time. I am ok with being attacked and even destroyed by AI because the actually do that by "roleplay", meaning that they have logical reason behind that (enemy faction, or I am just carrying a lot of goods), which is very immersive. But people just do it for fun and that's seem too toxic and disgusting for me. I don't say that thay shouldn't. I say that I would not like it. But the idea of meeting a bigger, better portion of the community, all of you guys, is so enticing! Chatting, maybe using voicechat, joining some guild and their discord… The main activity I like is taking bounties on AI pirates and hunting them down. But I don't want to engage in any PvP.

What I want to ask – Is it worth it to go online? How often do you guys loose ships? How aggressive is a community inside the bubble, just outside the noob zone?

I would love to hear all your guys thoughts and thank you for your time.


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