Question for the Type 7 explorers out there.

Hello, hope y'all are well out there o7. I posted this in r/eliteexplorers but thought I'd submit here too. I've been working on a concept exploration build for a T7. I own an ASPX and DBX, but there's just something about the T7 that I love. So rather than trying to min/max an exploration ship, I thought it would be fun to start with a concept and build a ship around that.

I'm Iranian/American so the naming convention I've adopted uses names/characters from Iranian mythology (my CMDR's name is a character from the Shahnameh for example.) Enter Hadhayosh. First off, I'm ignoring the parts about Hadhayosh being able to attack aggressors and focusing on their ability to roam great distances and drink magma. Here's the build I've come up with. Full disclosure: I have yet to give mining a serious try because space trucking has been such fun, so any advice on mining mats for limpet production with this build would be greatly appreciated. Also, how's landing on planet surfaces with a T7? I have yet to try it out out of an abundance of caution lol.

Thanks! o7

PS: I realize I could get by without the flight assists, and I have learned how to land my ships without too much effort, but I can't get past the fact that here in 2021 we have cars that can auto-park and auto-drive themselves and you're telling me that 1000+yrs later auto-docking/SC assist isn't standard ship functionality like headlights or something? But that's seriously the only thing – I wouldn't even call it a 'gripe' – I have butted up against with this game. I also realize I could get more range if I downgraded some of my internals, but the 5A thrusters are there mostly for QoL reasons – love the T7, but it is a little sluggish without those 5A's.


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