Questioning the view that EFT is a “Hardcore shooter” only

I really like EFT, like I mean REALLY LIKE the game, however as with all games you'll always have "that side" of the community. I feel like "those guys" are the hard headed "ThIs GaMe Is A hArDcOrE sHoOtEr" lot. Some people don't have hundreds of hours to put into a game to get the best gear and run nothing but labs, but some of us enjoy it as a game in it's own right, it's mechanics, the gun play and it's progression system, not just because it's hard.

Recently I've seen more and more people spouting the old argument of "this game isn't meant for casuals" The problem I have with this statement is that you're not going to have anyone to play against, there's a lot more casual players like myself over hardcore players and if you're limiting your game to just exclusively hardcore players, there will be no engagements, nobody getting better at the game and it'll become a dead community.

Anyone else share these thoughts? and if not, what's the reasoning behind it?


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