Questioning whether or not to get a carrier for exploration

Hi there,
I am on the verge of going again into the black and I wonder if I should do it with a carrier.

I am studying the financial feasibility of the project. For this I need to reduce the cost to minimum. I have already read several guides available online, so I know the basics already.

My main question is can you switch modules and ships without the outfitting and shipyard modules? From what I read online, these are purposed for trading, an activity that I will obviously have no interest in the black. However, if not having them prevents me from switching ships and changing modules, I will have to pay the upkeep for them.

My way to pay for the maintenance and salary fees would be selling exploration data on the fly, and I would have a ship fitted for mining Tritium.

I would definitely enjoy a smaller carrier dedicated for exploration without this useless market functions that will cost maintenance for nothing.

Looking forwards for your inputs!


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